Aston Martin 3D Scanning Customers

06/06/2017 Main

Hello everyone, welcome back to my vehicle and engines blog. Are any of you readers planning on buying one of the new Aston Martin Valkyrie? This new addition to the Aston Martin line is slightly out of my price range, but I would love to have it. See, the coolest thing about these modern race cars is that the cars are essentially built around the driver, in that they get digitally tailored around you. Looking at the list of big buck supercars, you will find custom seats as a fairly standardized feature. Ferrari released the LaFerrari with a non adjustable seat that is fit to the owner so it no one can change your seat position. It seems that Aston is playing the Trump card now, and will be 3d-scanning the entire body of the drivers in order to mold a seat that will best suit the driver down to the smallest and seemingly insignificant proportion.  Read more

Keep your Car From Being Stolen

02/06/2017 Main
Keep your Car From Being Stolen 

Hey there guys and gals, welcome back to my vehicles and motors blog. Anyone here ever had their car stolen, or even just broken into? I just got off the phone with my little brother( a fairly new driver that could do with reading my new driving post) who had his beefed up truck stolen from right outside the house! That is crazy! I wouldn’t doubt if it was unlocked when it got stolen, but still. I told him that it might be a good idea to check out to see if there are any cheap trucks he can get right now until insurance kicks in, and that might take quite a while. In support of my little bro, here are a couple tips to deter thieves away from your car, whether they plan on stealing your car or just your possessions inside.  Read more

Apple To Test Self Driving Cars

18/04/2017 Main

Hey everyone, welcome back to my vehicles and motors blog. Self driving cars are becoming increasingly trendy, and with that more companies are jumping onto the bandwagon to create their own driverless experience. Tech behemoth Apple is the latest to follow this trend after obtaining an autonomous testing permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles in California. Apple can now freely test three 2015 Lexus RX450h model vehicles on the public roads in California. The company has yet to divulge any information about when or where testing will begin, however six divers are authorized to be behind the wheels of the vehicles. The company will be due to publish a disengagement report signed off by all drivers on the first on January, 2019. Read more

Things to Always Keep in the Car

15/04/2017 Main

Hello readers, and welcome to another educational post from my vehicles blog. A lot of people don’t realize that buying a car is a lot like buying a house in that the first time you do it there is a lot to do. You need to buy cleaning supplies, some tools and of course safety gear and that is just the recommended minimum. The costs for all the items can pile up, which is why I always looked for a used version whenever possible. My favourite site for this is, which has tons of used tools and general goods for sale. I got most of my car supplies on there, which meant that I could buy more. Consider these items to keep in your vehicle at all times. Read more

Tips for a New Driver

10/01/2017 Main
Tips for learner drivers

It’s extremely important for new learners not to get into bad vehicle habits from day one. Many people, or potential driving ‘teachers’, may of driven for decades, and since laws and the design of motor cars have changed a huge amount. Here are the basic do’s and don’t’s for new learners, that every qualified, or competent ‘teacher’ should drill into a new learner from the off. Read more

Mazda 3 Review

05/01/2017 Main
Mazda 3 

Hey everyone, welcome back to my vehicles blog. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays, I had a great time with the family all coming out to visit. My nephew just turned 17 this summer, so the rest of the family all chipped in and found a cheap Mazda 3 hatchback that made the perfect gift. We found it online, and it was actually no hassle at all to get all the information sorted out with Mazda and get the car here in time for Christmas. He absolutely loved the car, and I was really glad that we could make sure he got something safe and reliable for his first car. The Mazda3 was actually the first car I learned to drive on other than an old farm pick up, so I am glad we can continue this tradition, even if he did get a 2016 version.  Read more

Honda CRF450R

02/12/2016 Main
More stability with the latest model Honda CRF450R
The main upgrades on the 2016 Honda CRF450R motorbike are around it’s stability. They have overhauled the fork and shock linkage and made small improvements to the suspension.  They have this time manufactured a bike with great straight line stability, aswell as excellent cornering. Powerwise it feels very similar to the earlier model.

The 2016 model is also the only 450 bike on the market with ⅞ inch Renthal handlebars. There is a map switch button on the right hand side handlebar allowing you to easily switch power modes, allowing you to change between 3 engine power maps easily, whilst riding. Read more

Car Stereo Deck

24/11/2016 Main
Car Stereo Deck

Hey everybody, I hope you all had a great weekend. I would like to welcome you guys back to my vehicle blog. I thought today I would spend a little time talking about something that as a driver born in the mid 90’s is very important to me-stereo decks. I recently bought a really shitty old car, like the first one I bought actually. I needed a stereo deck for it and was lucky enough to find some used ones online from this website selling used parts( has lots of used car parts)  and it reminded me of when I had to do the exact same thing just over 5 years ago. I remember it very vividly, I had bought a new deck for my 2000 Saturn S series and found myself sitting in the small parking space behind my house trying for hours and hours to first get the original deck out and then get the fancy one in. As someone who had spent more time with a controller in my hand than a wrench this was a very, very difficult task. Read more


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Hey there folks. How are you all? Welcome back to another edition from my vehicles blog. I have got a great little post for you today about what I consider to be the most fun, cheerful and colourful vehicle on the planet. The Filipino Jeepney! Have ever seen one? If you have ever visited the Philippines you will most definitely have done so. But if not you should definitely Google them and take a look at some photos. They are so cool! Jeepneys are the most popular form of public transport in the Philippines and, as such, the country is absolutely crammed with them. Their kitsch, in your face, decorations and styling have become a symbol for Filipino popular culture. Jeepneys were originally made from leftover US military Jeeps that were left behind in the Philippines after the cessation of hostilities at the end of the Second World War. The modern Jeepney is manufactured by a company called Sarao Motors and it is their style of vehicle that has become synonymous with the Jeepney worldwide. They really are unique in their look and character. There is no other vehicle type in the world quite like them and I personally think that a trip out to the Philippines just to see the jeepneys alone would be well worth the airfare if you are a vehicle nut like myself. Read more

Winter Tires

24/11/2016 Main
Winter Tires - A Cold Cars Best Friend
Whats going on everybody I am back at you with another post about my favourite topic, cars. Cars, trucks, quads, scooters, motorcycles, dirt bikes, trikes hell I love them all. But today I want to discuss something that not every car enthusiast has to deal with; Winter. And subsequently winter tires. I bought my first set of winter tires for my 2000 Saturn for about $400 on a deal which isn't bad. But when I went looking for tires for my current car (a BMW 530i) I couldn’t even buy one tire for that. I have had better luck since looking at the second had tire market, my and some friends have found some nice lightly used winter tires. But buying the tires is only step one. 
Winter Tire Basics
If you are lucky enough to have a big garage, a couple decent jacks and the right tools you can easily replace the tires yourself. It can actually be a little difficult looking at the tires and knowing if they are a winter, summer, or all year set so some tire companies such as Bridgestone have included snowflake images on the outside of all their winter tires. This also ensure you don't put the tires on backwards although it wouldn’t take too long after to figure that out. After you have put the tires on yourself and tested for safety or had them put on at a reputable shop you are almost ready for the winter. Well you are ready for that thing they call winter in some places in the US and Europe, but not in Canada.
Canada Cold
When I grew up we had countless days below minus forty Celsius, and even a couple days past minus fifty. When that is your reality you have to do things a little different. For example, I would always have an empty pop can and a tea light candle in my car. Why I can already hear you asking? Well, have you ever been stuck in a car, on the side of a highway covered in snow with 3 hours between you and any rescue? I have and it is one of the worst experiences ever. Huddled in your seat, wrapped in all the clothes that were with you for when you got outside with a tea candle inside a tin can for warmth. This is also where that 6 year old nature valley bar in the glove compartment will come in handy. In reality I would try to keep a bit of honey and peanut butter in the glove box for this. Just get some of those travel shampoo containers and fill them with each. Excellent energy boost when you need a few more hours.
Emergency Kits - For Emergency use only
Even with proper winter tires, the unimaginable can still happen. My first winter I totalled my car (the previously mentioned Saturn) by simply accelerating too hard on an icy corner and I smashed into the curb breaking my tie rod. Because I was in town this wasn’t too bad, but if it were to happen on the highway it might be hours of sitting there. That's why no matter what you are driving, be it a futuristic Land Rover or a simple 2 door coupe, you need a proper emergency kit. This should include things like an advanced and a simple first aid kit, a collapsible shovel (or entrenching tool), reflective blanket, mirror, spare clothing, crank radio, flashlight, glow sticks, light everywhere matches as well as lots of water. As I mentioned before, honey and peanut butter make great emergency rations thanks to the high sugar and fats. If you have a bigger vehicle, you will also want a bag or two of sand or something else heavy in the back to help with counterweight on icy roads.
Stay Safe 

Overall winter titres are extremely important to us who live in snowy areas. Some places I visited in the summer that I would not be legally allowed to go to this winter without winter tires (this actually started last week as snowstorms in Canada start early.) Of course just because you have tires on (or four wheel drive for that matter)doesn’t mean you are invincible. Every year there is a major collision outside the town where my dad lives because some idiot is speeding up and down the highway right after it ices up and starts a chain reaction. One year I had a work site to get to via this road and it got cancelled for a week because of a 100+ car pile up that took at least 3 days to clear. Things like this are a common occurrence on Canadian roads, especially the busy ones. All it can take is one second, and it doesn't even have to be someone's fault. But buy some winter tires for your car and hopefully it won't be yours. Read more