Vehicles I’m Looking Forward to Seeing

07/10/2016 Main
Vehicles I’m Looking Forward to Seeing

Being a fan of everything to do with cars and vehicles, I love to look ahead at what’s due to be released. The numbers always get more crazy, whether it’s the bhp, the mph or the price tag. Read more

Kart Racing

02/09/2016 Main

Hi folks. Doug here again. I’ve been really busy of late running around like a mad man trying to sort everything out for the house renovations that I’m currently having done. I thought it would just be a case of handing a bunch of money to the builder and everything would be sorted out for me. Fat chance! I’ve had to project manage the whole thing myself. And along with my other commitments, it hasn’t left me much space for any ME time, if you know what I mean. I’ve also been neglecting the blog, so apologies for that. But I promise to make this post a good one. I managed to find time this weekend to watch the Formula One on the TV. I absolutely love it. I’ve been a fan since I was kid back in the Senna, Prost, Mansell era. But even with all the added technology that some say has dumbed down the sport in recent years, I’m still a fan! I don’t support any one particular driver as such, I just like to see the best man win on the day. I love the rivalry between the likes of Hamilton and Rosberg. But it is an interesting point to note that all Formula One drivers began their careers in kart racing. Known as Karts, Go Karts or Shifter Karts, racing karts is an affordable and accessible way for anybody of any background to try their hand at motorsport. So today I’m going to look at all the different ways that you can give it a go yourself, whatever your budget may be. You can find more info on kart racing at the following website: Read more

Top Gear or Reverse?

19/08/2016 Main

I’ve finally got around to watching the last series of Top Gear. I’d been put off by Chris Evans anyway when I heard he was going to be one of the hosts but was still planning on watching it as it has been a staple for me over the last how many years. Before I got chance to start watching it, I began reading some of the reviews. I can’t say I was surprised that people didn’t take to Mr Evans but I was definitely shocked at the level of grilling he was receiving. When I finally did start watching it, I could definitely see what people were on about. He was just trying too hard bless him. Obviously whichever cast came in to replace Clarkson, May & Hammond, it was always going to be a tough ask. For me though, it was time for a new direction, even though I loved the old cast. It had started to feel a bit stale & maybe a bit self-indulgent if you know what I mean. Read more

Quad biking

18/04/2016 Main

Hi guys! Welcome back! Thanks for your continued comments and feedback, it’s good to hear what you guys have to say on the world of motors! Read more

The Origins of Cider

07/04/2016 Main

Thanks for all the advice and emails regarding my hunt for a cider press. I am happy to tell you that the cider press has been purchased and is on its way to me as we speak. It should be here any day now and I’m really excited about starting my home brew cider factory! Read more

Making Cider

17/03/2016 Main

Real Cider: Read more

Holidays in a Campervan

14/03/2016 Main

Hi folks. Hope you are all well. My week has been pretty stressful as usual but had to make sure I could find the time to write another blog post! Read more

Piaggio Ape Catering Van

10/02/2016 Main

Welcome back guys, hope you’ve enjoyed the blog up until now, I’ve certainly had a blast writing it. I’ve been away for a little while so thought it was time for another post. So since I was last here, there’s been the usual kind of stuff going on at home. Screaming kids and tantrums, nagging from the wife, that sort of thing. Well in amongst it all, me and the wife did actually have a serious chat about something, an idea she’d had, and I thought it was a great one. She’s not been working for a few years now but the kids are a bit older and they’re all in school during the day-time so it’s time for her to start finding something to fill up her time with. She’s been itching to get back out there and work can you believe as apparently being stuck in all day with the kids isn’t as fun as it sounds. I’m willing to believe her on that point as a weekend with them and the evenings is more than enough for me. Read more

Golf Bike

01/02/2016 Main

Hope you enjoyed the post on tyres. Pretty cool to see how much some of those mammoth tyres cost. This post is going in a bit of a different direction. I’m a pretty keen golfer as well as a bike enthusiast so imagine how cool the new Golf Bike sounded to me when I read about it. Here’s a few things about the bike in case you hadn’t heard. Read more

How Expensive are your Tyres?

28/01/2016 Main

Doug’s back for his first post. I decided to begin things by talking about tyres. I’m use to picking-up a tyre for about 50 bucks. If my tyre blows-out then I change the spare and go grab me a replacement standard tyre that fits my car and that’s that. Obviously the more expensive and customized the vehicle, then the more your gonna have to fork out for your tyres. After looking around the web, I’ve found some ridiculously priced tyres so thought I’d name a few and how much they cost just for a bit of fun. Read more